Member Spotlight - Worldmark by Wyndham

Jane Hamilton, Assistant General Manager at Red River's Worldmark by Wyndham property, has only been at the helm for around six months. Since her arrival, she's been busy making some big improvements.

She has lived in the area for nearly four years, raising her children in Taos. Wanting to retire up north, she purchased a property and is building a home. Over the years, she has been a business owner and now enjoys working for Wyndham.

When asked what her fondest memory of the northern mountains is, she replied, "Hiking up Cabresto to Heart Lake, which I do with either my husband or with my kids."

The property we all know today as the Wyndham used to be part of the Riverside Lodge. On Oct 23, 2001, the west building caught on fire and was destroyed. Following the rebuild, Wyndham purchased the building.

Jane says that every six years the property gets renovated, to replace such things as rugs, furniture, paint, etc. Every twelve years, the exterior gets a paint job and the decks are replaced. Since she's been the AGM, she's also replaced the plumbing, gutters, electrical wiring, heating, and fireplaces.

Under her leadership, the Wyndham recently joined the Chamber of Commerce, and she's glad they did.

"At one of your Chamber meetings," she said, "I asked other lodge owners what they paid their housekeepers, maintenance, etc. I took those figures back to our corporate office and they quickly agreed to give all of our staff raises."

As they say, "Location. Location. Location." The Wyndham is right on the river with great mountain views, and having the Copper Chairlift right behind the building offers guests unparalleled ski in/ski out opportunity. She added, "People just love coming to Red River. They get to fish, hike, it's cooler here, and there's a lot going on around town that they don't see where they live."

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