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Member Spotlight - Resort Properties of Angel Fire

Maria and Owen Curry moved to Angel Fire from Dallas, Texas, in 2018.

In 2001, they came to visit friends and fell in love with the area. Then, in 2014 they built a home in Angel Fire and moved here full time a few years later.

Resort Properties of Angel Fire has been in operation since 1995. Maria and Owen purchased it in 2018. Prior to the purchase, they had a shipping business for over 30 years. They knew that after moving to the Enchanted Circle, they wanted to own another business. When they saw Resort Properties of Angel Fire, they knew it was a good fit for them.

Since the purchase, they've moved locations twice, and have brought services such as laundry, in-house. They also employ twenty employees, which they strive to keep employed all year and during shoulder seasons.

The Curry's believe local ownership is a big deal. If a guest needs help, even after hours, they can still reach a live person who is actually in the area for help.

They wanted to join the Red River Chamber of Commerce because they believe that the whole area benefits from a synergy by joining in partnerships with other businesses and organizations. Said another way, it can be difficult to do business from a feast or famine point of view, so partnering with others in the area can be helpful during tough times, and everyone benefits during great times.




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