Member Spotlight - Red River RV Park

The Red River RV Park changed hands around four years ago, when George and Gloria Cooksey purchased the park from Tim and Liz Tate. Prior to purchasing the property, they spent the last twenty years in the Dallas area.

George says his grandparents had the Zuni Cabins many years ago, so he started coming up to Red River when he was a baby. He built a house here in 1999, for his mother, and always loved fishing and skiing in Red River.

When asked why they decided to purchase the Red River RV Park, they said they were done with large operations, and wanted a smaller RV park, making it easier for them to run and maintain themselves.

The Red River RV Park is a small and quiet park right along the river. They don't have a large property with a fishing pond or tennis court, which is attractive to many adult campers.

For guests and non-guests, they have shower and laundry facilities, which many campers down the road at Elephant Rock, Junebug, and Fawn Lakes campgrounds enjoy using. They are also open year-around, so people traveling that need to dump their tanks can pay to hookup for dumping and to refill fresh water tanks.

They have been members of the Red River Chamber of Commerce since they took over the park.

As a bonus, the Enchanted Off-Road side-by-side rental business is located onsite, which many repeat campers like. They don't need to trailer their own machines up to the mountains.





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