Member Spotlight - Old Barrel Tea Co

Old Barrel Tea Co which started with Dana ( the matriarch and mama hen) and Bailey Huffmon.

Mother and Daughter and owners of the 8 store tea company in 3 different states (NM,CO,AZ) also gained two daughter in law’s who became owners as well. Nenada and Paola are the daughter in laws, Nenada is from Serbia and Paola is from Mexico.

They are heart and spirit driven. With their roots in New Mexico and their charitable hearts focused on their company they have built up 50 employees and Paola is the master blender of the teas.

The teas come from all over the world and OBTC is adamant about quality and taste. Being wellness focused is all part of the plan. Old Barrel has extensive education about their products and looks forward to incorporating more education this next year “so we can master our skills.” Old Barrel Tea Co boasts of uniqueness and all 8 stores have similarities but the managers really get to make it their own.

Old Barrel came to Red River in November of 2021. They decided on Red River because of the quaint little hometown feel and the peace they got which reminded them of Ruidoso where this adventure began 8 years ago. They love to be involved in the community and decided Red River their newest store would open. It has had its challenges in its first year as any business would but Gayle the manager’s vision is to keep it open and thrive and become part of the community she has been in for 5 years. Old Barrel Tea Co’s plan for 2023 and what’s coming up is hoping to open another store in 2023.

We all agree that what’s next is growth, community involvement and accepting and going with the flow of “whatever life throws our way.”

Old Barrel has been with the Red River Chamber for about a year and we look forward to building community and being part of the Mountain Town which Gayle calls home.

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