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Member Spotlight - Fagan's Guided Fly Fishing

Fagan’s Guided Fly Fishing is owned and operated by Jeff Fagan.

Jeff has lived in Red River since 1989 and according to his mom, his first trip to Red River was actually in 1957, when she was pregnant with him. Jeff moved here from Illinois, after growing up in Texas where he chased a career as a musician, which also took him to Nashville, Tennessee.

Fagan’s Guided Fly Fishing began in 2000 with only two fly rods and a couple sets of waders, Jeff says. Today, he employs five wonderful guides and now has some forty fly rods and forty sets of waders. He’s been guiding for nearly 30 years.

Jeff has been involved with the Chamber of Commerce for some twenty years.

Fagan Guided Fly Fishing continues to take guests out all year long and enjoys access to private waters in and around Red River. He says he treats people how he wants to be treated and has been in the business long enough that land owners trust him on their property. As a result, he says they work primarily on private water and their access to such properties is growing each year.

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